Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{ thank you at work }

My first order to go out with the new wrap including the thank you cards I made on the Gocco.

I used to send out orders wrapped in white tissue paper with ribbon but I really love brown paper so I've been looking at ways to use that instead.

It's so great getting things in the post and I especially love it when care has been taken with the presentation. What about you - does the way an online order arrives to you make a difference?


  1. totally, I love when an an online order comes beautifully wrapped, it's like a present and compliments the preciousness of the contents! I just started wrapping with brown paper and brown ribbon- I LOVE those cards!!
    x Pepper

  2. It looks gorgeous, all my presents are being covered in brown paper this year. Love it with red or aqua or both.

    It's a let down when my purchases arrive in boring plastic shoved into an envelope!