Sunday, January 10, 2010

{ my sunday }

Yes, my desk is often this messy. I do clean it up, but I often wonder what the point of that is when it just gets messy again the minute my back is turned.

Lots of cutting today. My stock levels dropped in the Christmas lead-up, something I'm very grateful for -thank you to my wonderful customers. Making lots of sales also means lots of fun making new books. I'm right in the middle of that today, most of which I spent cutting down the boards and then selecting and cutting down the paper for the covers.

Also, I found my camera so here are some shots of the box I made last weekend. I'm really happy with it despite 2 mis-measurements. I managed to over-come them to the point that probably (hopefully) only I can see them and I'm going to keep it that way and not point them out!

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