Thursday, July 8, 2010

{ market, tags and leather }

I had the urge to work on some new tags before the last Eveleigh market. I had a list a mile long of other stuff I had to get done in preparation but I got sidetracked which is easily done when you're a procrastinator of the first order.

Also had an idea of a new display for the gift tags. This is version one which is a great start, but still some work to go. I'd really love to find a big beautiful frame to edge the display. Previously I've only sold the gift tags in pre-packaged sets of four but I loved how this set up allows people to mix and match. They proved very popular too which was great. I didn't get to take a photo until part way through the day so (happily) it was looking a bit sparse by the time I took it.

This market was my first go at selling leather journals. I only had 3 made in time but one of them went home with a lovely new owner which made me very happy indeed.