Sunday, August 30, 2009

{ sunday stash }

Aww, cute little sheep!

Another Tokyo purchase earlier in the year. It's a lovely weight fabric, should be perfect for some projects I'm hoping to have for sale in the next month or so - stay tuned!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

{ i have no idea what to expect }

I'll be offline for a couple of days, off to Seoul in the morning for a work conference. Seoul has never been on my radar and I'll have very little time, but I'm curious to see what it's like.

Fly all day tomorrow, conference Saturday and then finally some free time on Sunday until 4pm when we head back to the airport, overnight flight and straight back to the office Monday morning - told you it was another quick trip! Fingers crossed to the jet lag gods for an awesome sleep on the way home.

Will post some photos next week in case anyone else is curious like me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

{ sunday stash }

Some traditional Japanese fabrics purchased in Tokyo earlier in the year.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

{ unique shopping experiences }

What have been your most memorable shopping experiences? I bet it’s not the rabbit run of Ikea on a Saturday lunchtime. Thinking back, my most memorable have been either coming away with an incredible bargain or when what I was browsing has been unique, well made and well presented.

I had two real shopping highlights in Barcelona recently. First, I was wandering down an alley in the old part of town. There really weren’t many shops around at all in fact, I was really just enjoying the wandering.

Up ahead I noticed a small pot plant out the front of a door and a warm and inviting light emanating from within. Stepping inside I was blown away to find the most amazing softies store! It was just wonderful. What I loved was the creator had her desk in the corner of the store, so the shop was also her studio. I’m kicking myself for not taking down the name of the store or checking if she has an online presence as well.

On the same day I also stumbled across a fantastic jewellery store. You could tell that they were displaying the work of many designers but what made the store unique was that this shop keeper was also creating! At the back of the store I could see different types of equipment so this too was a studio as well as a shopfront. Some sort of jewellery makers collective I imagine – fantastic!

Had to make a purchase – this fabulous ring:

The bands of colour are a type of elastic which you mix and match to suit, I’m enjoying it immensely.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

{ sunday stash - tessuti spots }

Decided to join in on the Sunday Stash - you can too, join here

I've been covering buttons with the orange fabric, very cute. Decided I better get another half a metre while still in stock. The white one was an impulse buy, I find it very difficult to go past spots at the best of times but when it's on sale? Impossible!

Monday, August 3, 2009

{ down to work }

After my couple of days wandering Barcelona, the reason for my being there came to pass. Saturday morning was our conference but really it's a morning of entertainment, there's little to no work to be done.

I've mentioned previously that in the lead up to Global there's lots of debate about who would be the guest speaker at the conference. We've had Lance Armstrong and Bob Geldoff in recent years but it is really all guess work beforehand as it's all kept top secret. During the festivities some flamenco dancers came out on stage and I was thinking, nice a bit of the local culture but from behind them appeared someone in a cape and jeans - weird! Well, it was actually the entrance for the Virgin Group head honcho Sir Richard Branson.

Small selection of the 1500 or so of us

He had a pretty responsive crowd with travel agents filling the room, but even so I was a little surprised to hear some notes of nervousness in his voice. It was an interesting chat but in that setting he's not the most charismatic orator (not that I would even get in front of a group of 100 let along 1500, I do keep it in perspective!).

The highlight for me was the emcee. In the past it's been staff that have done it but this year we got a professional, and what a professional - Lenny Henry. He was awesome! So funny and brilliant at keeping things moving and interesting.

Sorry about the poor photo, my little camera doesn't do indoors at a distance!

We finished up at the convention centre at about midday (told you it wasn't an exactly taxing conference!) and I headed into town with a group to hit Zara. There are so many outlets it's just insane. I came out of one store, walked past 3 shops and there was another Zara outlet! The specials in all shops were brilliant, none of this 30% or 40% we get here in Australia, most was at least 50% off with many shops 75% off. How can you say no to a $6, good quality, t-shirt?

We had a lunch of tapas, paella and sangria for lunch - yum!

Back for a nap and quick change before the formalities of the evening Ball. Lenny Henry hosted again which was a godsend because we needed something to lighten the 4 hours (yes 4 hours) of awards! It got pretty tedious, I have to admit.

Entertainment was another pre-Ball conversation point. Previously we've had Jet, Shaggy, Ronan Keating - very eclectic and some hits and some misses. A number of people had been scouring online for what bands were in or around Spain that week and there was some serious odds on the Kaiser Chiefs and Snow Patrol, either of which I would have been very happy with, so there was a general huh? when the stage was revealed. It took some working out before we discovered it was DJ's Groove Armada. Kind of went over my head, I'd heard of them but had to do some internet searching on my return to find out who they were - whoops. Sorry for the Groove Armada fans out there that are just embarrassed for me not knowing them!

Yes, we were sat behind South Africa!