Sunday, April 19, 2009

{ things I love about Japan #6 }


They're everywhere! We tried most days to buy at least one thing were we had no idea what we were getting. Most were hits.

I'm not sure how Tommy Lee Jones fits into the picture here, but it reminds me of Bill Murray's character in Lost in Translation and also Vincent Chase on Entourage - don't worry if it doesn't make any sense, take the photos, get the cash and no one will ever see it right???

My favourite vending machine purchase was this one:

Thought we were getting a Kit Kat flavoured milk drink, but no it was the most over packaged purchase I have ever made! Four baby Kit Kat's in a glass jar:

Well the Kit Kat's were yummy of course, but the best bit is the jar - so awesome! It now holds all the loose buttons I had lying around. So, it might have been a ridiculous amount of packaging for a couple of baby Kit Kat's, but it's actually extremely handy.

The only downer to the vending machines was that Coca Cola seems to be the drink of choice - not great for a Pepsi fan, but there was thrill in the chase and each Pepsi tasted even better because I had to work for it!


  1. oh! I'd love a collection of those jars for the craft room! I would buy heaps of kitkats to make a giant set!

  2. I really wanted to buy heaps too but as I had already bought 34 metres of fabric and heaps of Japanese papers, I just didn't have the available weight left in my checked baggage. As it was, I had to carry about 4 separate bags as carry-on!

  3. The good old vending machine! I didn't realise those were kits kats.. I would've thought those were drinks as well! As for Tommy Lee Jones...I think you'll find the Japanese love all things American & alot of the companies pay the well known actors to advertise for them, regardless of the product. Easy money for the actors!

  4. Ha ha ha that's hilarious!! I cannot believe that packaging. But yep, I wouldn't mind one of those jars for all my buttons either :)