Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{ things I love about Japan #4 }


They’re so beautifully styled and very inspiring. I just wish I could read Japanese or they had English versions!

Good shop for craft books is the Kinokuniya outlet in Shinjuku. Actually, there are 2 outlets there, the one I found to have the best selection was near Tokyu Hands. Go to 2F and when you alight from the escalator the craft section is to your left.


SHINJUKU (outlet near Tokyu Hands) : The closest exit would be the New South Exit I believe however I always get lost going that way so my directions are probably the long way! Take the East Exit and at the exit turn hard right, walking along the side of the building. After the department store ends you’ll pass the Kirin Beer Pub and then Gap, both on your right. Next on your right is a large set of stairs which takes you up and into the station eventually. Ahead will be an underpass, take this and continue straight, you’ll pass a Uniqlo outlet and then the next main building is the Takashimaya department store. Walk alongside the store and at the end you’ll see Kinokuniya across the road to your left.


  1. I love your Things I Love About Japan posts! I lived there for one year as a high school student and couldn't get enough of all their cute things. I am now kicking myself as I didn't buy all the crafty books I now crave!

  2. Also, they have Kinokuniya on George St, Sydney in The Galleries Victoria. They sometimes have English versions of these books...

  3. I didn't know they had English versions - I'll definitely go and check them out. Thanks for letting me know!