Friday, May 1, 2009

{ things I love about Japan #7 }


Fabric - a new obsession for me. I’ve always loved fabric and coming from a ex-fashion teacher/now avid quilter-mother, there has always been fabric and sewing in my life. I did study fashion until the end of school but haven’t really made much since then. And ‘then’ is suddenly a long time - as the invite this year to my 20 year school reunion testifies, yikes!

Anyway, I digress….I’ve been looking, obsessing and fantasizing about lots of the beautiful fabrics I’ve seen lately but didn’t know what I would do with it so have held off buying.

When I came across a tutorial for making fabric covers for notebooks I knew I had finally found a way to justify buying some fabric!

I knew then this trip to Japan was going to have a heavy focus on fabric buying. I did quite a bit of online research before leaving and had a list of places to visit.

I came home with 34 metres of fabric! Jetstar was as enthusiastic about my purchases in Japan as I was so I ended up carry most of the fabric as carry-on to avoid excess baggage fees. I don’t like travelling with heaps of carry-ons but making the exception this time was totally worth it.

Coming up - posts on my fabric shopping expeditions in Kyoto and Tokyo, stay tuned!


  1. Ooohhh,I'll look forward to that!
    I've loved reading about your Japan trip,you lucky duck!
    Oh, I miss the perks of the travel trade!!
    I saw you will be at finder's keeper's,I'll pop in and say hi!
    I'm hoping to go(as a shopper),but I'm 4 wks off having my 3rd babe.
    Good luck and I hope to see you there,

  2. Nice to see you last night- I am SO very, very jealous of your fabric stash! Japanese prints are some of my favs...