Saturday, February 27, 2010

{ alice is coming }

I can't wait until Wednesday - I'm going to see Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland after work!

In honour, I've spent the best part of this weekend working on my most detailed papercut to date. Here're some progress shots:

And the final table centrepiece:

The design is from a book I picked up on Saturday - Paper Cuts: 35 Inventive Projects by Taylor Hagerty. The 35 designs are by a number of talented artists and this Alice one is by Cynthia Ferguson. Cynthia has a wonderful blog that I follow and encourage you to also if you like the art of papercuts, her work is incredible.

There are a lot of other projects I'll be trying out from this book, but not until I get the feeling back in the fingers of my right hand!


  1. Thank you! I've started getting feeling back in the tips of my fingers so I can start contemplating what my next papercut will be now!

  2. That is so beautiful and detailed! You're so good at it! I've been waiting for the movie for a long time too. It's opening on Thursday over here :)

  3. Beautiful job! Even if I look closely! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. wonderful work!!!

  5. It's beautiful, so intricate. I definitely would've torn those swirly flower bits! And I know what you mean about loosing the feeling in your finger tips, mine seem to've turned to leather after a few long cutting sessions recently :)