Friday, March 26, 2010

{ yippee }

Booked and paid - we're back to Japan in 2 months time!

Have you seen Jetstar's 2 for 1 special to Japan? A word of advice for Sydney-siders - even though their website only lists Osaka on the special from Sydney, select Sydney-Tokyo and they just add Sydney-Gold Coast to the selection, don't be put off if you want to go to Tokyo. Or do what we're doing, fly into Tokyo and out of Osaka (but you have to ring and do that over the phone).

Now, just have to work out where else beside Tokyo we'll spend our time.

(Mmm, Casual Frozen Food - just noticed what this vending machine says. Wish I'd tried it!)


  1. wow! so exciting!!!
    i got an offer from jester japan the other day, too...!
    oh, enjoy your time in japan!!

  2. Thank you! I'll be looking for some stamp making tools while I'm there, I think to make sure I keep up the skills you taught me.

  3. Awesome! I used to live in Japan teaching English. Have you been to Kyoto? If not that is a MUST MUST MUST. Nara is near Osaka and that's a nice place to visit too. Make sure you have a public bath, just ask something where a Sento is, you HAVE to do it. A trip on the train from Tokyo is Takayama town, def worth a visit, old thatched roof houses etc, very pretty countryside. Kenrokuen garden out of Tokyo is also amazing.