Monday, September 7, 2009

{ road trip }

A quick trip down to the 'Berra on Saturday. It's always interesting to visit the city you grew up in isn't it? There are little changes but really not too much changes and perhaps that's for the best. Canberra was a great place to grow up in, lots of fresh air, open spaces, pretty amazing facilities and as I got older only 3 1/2 hours drive from Sydney!

Something I don't remember noticing in such profusion when I lived there were all the beautiful blossom trees. Looks like the upcoming week might see them at their peak.

Why go all that way for the day? Just had to welcome little CT to the world in person. Just 9 days old when we saw him - cute!!

Beautiful colours in the sky as we drove home (yes, we did spend more time driving than in Canberra but it was worth it!).

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  1. Beautiful trees! I am anxious for spring again here on the other side of the world.