Monday, November 23, 2009

{ thoughts on what to wear to a concert }

Between support acts at the Pearl Jam gig on Sunday (Liam Finn was awesome), I got to people watching and it was pretty amazing to see what people were wearing on a 40+ degree afternoon/night. I've never been convinced that there is a ever a place for high heals at a gig and I continue to stand by that.

I'd like to take the thought out of what to wear by making it mandatory that all concert goers must wear what they wore the first time they saw the band. I thought back to my first PJ gig and while I can't remember exactly what I was wearing, the date gives me some clues - 14 March 1995.

Probably a band t-shirt (Alice In Chains? Soundgarden?), possibly Levi 501's, definitely my black Doc Martens. Or perhaps a baby doll dress, black leggings and black Doc Martens. The one constant during that time were my Docs (I still remember thinking that if I ever got married I would wear them to my wedding - still a bit sad I didn't carry through on that one!) so I know for sure I would have worn them that night.

What were your must wear staples in 1995?


  1. I was all about the baby doll dress, black leggings and cherry red doc martens! And I remember thinking the same thing, that I would ALWAYS wear dm boots.

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